Water Tracking Apps To Help You Meet Your Daily Goal

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Drinking enough water daily is key to having a healthy body. But let’s face it, life gets busy and we forget to drink enough. Forget to hydrate consistently and you can end up with headaches, dry skin, constant fatigue, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, kidney stones, and more. Drink MORE water and you can help to alleviate all of the above.

How much water you should drink depends on your weight and daily activity. I’ve set my daily goal to 64oz, plus I’ll try to add another 8 to 16 oz, if I workout and use the sauna at the gym. I’ve found that by using a water tracking app, not only do I consistently drink at least 95% of my of water goal each day, but I often exceed 100%.

Water Tracking Apps

This is an amazing feat for me, because I used to drink maybe 1 glass of water each day plus about a million cups of highly caffeinated black tea. I cannot tell you the difference I feel after changing my habits and how much the app has helped to keep me on track. I never (ever) could have made the change without it.

There are plenty of free and inexpensive smartphone apps that can help you stay hydrated by setting daily goals, sending you reminders throughout the day, and using charts and other visuals to keep track of your daily intake and to track your ongoing progress over time.

You’ll find that many of the apps are overloaded with features that you may or may not use. Personally, I find the simpler and cleaner the app, the more I tend to use it. I chose to list the below two apps, because they have the minimum features for tracking water intake and both have maintained top ratings, even after thousands of reviews. Alternatively, search the Google Play or iTunes App store for “water reminder apps”.

Water Drink Reminder by Leap Fitness Group (Android only): I’m bummed this one is Android only, as it looks great and I would have loved to try it. (Check it out.)

My Water by Viktor Sharov (iPhone and Android): I probably tested 9 or 10 different apps before landing on this one. The free version is great and I used it for ages before buying the full version. For $4.99 you can remove the occasional ads at the bottom, graph your progress over time, and track more drinks beyond just water, coffee, and tea. (Check it out.)


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