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Eco-chic Natural Paint Colors
Choosing Natural Paints For Your Home

3 min read So there you are, standing in the paint aisle, trying to figure out which brand to buy. Their labels all spew the same stuff… low-VOC, no-VOC, long-lasting, durable, antibacterial, antimicrobial,…

Eco-chic Silk dress
How Is Silk Made And Is It Humane?

6 min read If you’ve never wondered how silk is made, I encourage you to think about it for just a second, because it’s actually pretty amazing. At its origin, silk comes from…

Eco-chic Wedding Planning & Printing
Planning an Eco Wedding

3 min read Wedding invitations, response cards, reception cards, directions, etc. etc. etc. The “what I’ve been told I have to print” list goes on and on. But designing and printing all that…