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I put honey in everything from my morning coffee to main dish marinades. And after I researched the health benefits of raw organic unfiltered honey, I’ve become obsessed. It’s a tasty sugar substitute but I now use organic honey for hyper wellness. And I’ve made it my mission to find the best honey brands out there.

When I first began using organic honey, I swapped it for sugar as an alternative sweetener because I read honey helps balance blood sugar levels. But I’ve discovered there’s so much more to honey than meets the eye. Sure, I could name a few health benefits of honey before I started this journey. But I’ve learned raw unfiltered organic honey is a powerhouse health food.

Really Raw Honey (Sustainably Harvested) and Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm are two of the best honey companies I’ve found. Both offer a selection of raw unfiltered organic honey. We’ll talk more about them later. But if you’re in a hurry and are just looking for suggestions for the best honey brands, check out those two!

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Health Benefits of Honey

Organic honey for hyper wellness isn’t a new concept, though the term “hyper wellness” is increasingly popular in 2024. Hyper wellness indicates a proactive approach to health using supplements, nutrient dense foods and exercise to maintain total wellness. Because it is so nutrient dense, many people are using organic honey for hyper wellness, especially honey that is raw and unfiltered.

Nutrient dense foods are a major key to hyper-wellness. Honey is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Several studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show honey has major health benefits.

According to a 2023 study looking at the health benefits of honey, it can support almost every function in the body. Organic honey is also helpful for wound healing, mucositis caused by chemo-radiotherapy, and even to sober up faster if you take a couple tablespoons with your cocktail. Is has heart benefits and supports your immune system. It has antioxidants, is antipathogenic and has even been shown to improve things like dry eyes.

That’s why people are using raw unfiltered organic honey for hyper-wellness.

What’s the Difference in Honey Types?

You can buy a lot of different kinds of honey. Companies sell organic honey, raw honey and pure honey. Supermarkets also sell fake honey, or a combination of different syrups and sweeteners with a bit of real honey as a base. As consumers buying raw unfiltered organic honey for hyper wellness, we must learn how to decipher whether the honey we’re buying is real.

Nutrition aside, raw unfiltered organic honey has more complex flavors and a deeper sweetness. The flavor profile varies depending on what flowers the bees visit. Each jar can be a unique, delicate and nutritious treat. 

Why is Honey Good For You?

Honey is healthy for your heart, boosts your immune system, is antiviral and antibacterial, and has been shown to improve overall health. That’s why it’s a great food for a lifestyle focused on hyper wellness.

Of course, honey is higher in carbohydrates than, say, celery. I keep that in mind when I put a spoonful (or two!) in my morning coffee. It feels good to start off the day with a nutritional boost of healthy honey to help my body be at its best.

Raw unfiltered organic honey helps support:

  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Heart health
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Easing coughs, sore throats & cold symptoms
  • Antiviral, antibacterial and full of antioxidants
  • High in enzymes, minerals and other nutrients
  • Eye health and more!

Why Buy Organic Honey?

Buy organic honey to avoid eating harmful chemicals and pesticides alongside the health benefits of honey. Studies like this 2020 research project on environmental contaminants in honey have been stacking up in scientific journals. They all conclude potentially harmful pesticides are present in most conventional honey.

Honey that is certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture is vetted against a list of federal requirements. It is tested to ensure it is free from pesticides and other environmental contaminants. When you buy certified organic honey, you’re getting pure and toxin-free honey that has passed federal standards. 

Narrow down the options for the best honey brands by starting with brands that are organic.

What is the difference between raw honey and organic honey?

Raw, unfiltered honey has a higher percentage of pollen than filtered honey. That makes it more nutrient dense. Bee pollen also has a broad range of health benefits. Some people take bee pollen daily alongside raw unfiltered organic honey for hyper wellness.

The difference between raw honey and organic honey is pasteurization. Raw honey is not heated above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw unfiltered organic honey comes from bees that forage in organic conditions. This type of honey is certified by the USDA. It is also unheated and unfiltered beyond removing visible particles as it’s taken from the hive. Nutritionally, raw unfiltered organic honey is better than 100% honey, or most other types of honey on the market.

The point of raw honey is to preserve as many nutrients as possible while eliminating toxins. You’ll find most raw honey brands are also organic. Many share the same goal: to provide clean, nutrient-dense honey from happy hives.

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What are the best honey brands to buy?      

I’d love to have honeybees living in my backyard. They’d forage on clover in nearby fields and producing sweet raw organic and unfiltered honey. I don’t have hives however, so I have to settle for honey from a friend’s farm. I love to receive gifted little jars straight from local hives.

Since I use raw unfiltered organic honey for hyper wellness, I eat quite a bit – about 2 tablespoons a day. Our local honey is always a great treat between my regular brands.

While there’s something special about backyard honey, some spectacular honey brands are out there. The best honey brands for me are Really Raw Honey and the company Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm. How do you source the best honey brands for your life?

Really Raw Honey is an incredible company that sells organic honey that is raw, unfiltered and with bits of honeycomb and pollen in the jar. The company sources honey from a network of beekeepers that began with one bee farm in upstate New York 40 years ago. Now the company sells honey in stores like Whole Foods.

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is another great company that sells raw organic honey in delicious varieties like wildflower with lavender. The Johnson Family started this bee farm in New York to help with their son’s allergies. allergies.

Specialty Honey

manuka honey

Some types of organic honey are hailed as specialized honey with increased health benefits in certain areas. Manuka honey, for instance, comes from New Zealand and is made from bees that feast only on the native manuka bush. Manuka honey is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent, according to this 2020 study.

You can get the luxurious Sidr Honey from Yemen or the spicy Leatherwood Honey from Tasmania, Sage Honey from the west coast of the United States or Avocado Honey from avocado groves in Florida and California.

Once you dive into the world of raw unfiltered organic honey, the possibilities seem endless.

How to Source Ethical, Raw Organic Unfiltered Honey 

Raw, organic and unfiltered are the three main boxes to check when you’re buying honey to ensure you’re getting the most nutrition for your money. But there is another level of criteria that comes into play when you consider the wellbeing of the bees making your honey.

Many companies boast about their ethically sourced raw unfiltered organic honey and even provide details about the lives of their bees. Look for evidence on the label!

Healthy, happy bees make good honey. Beekeepers who produce honey ethically according to industry standards prioritize the health of the hive over honey production. These beekeepers make sure their bees are happy instead of overworking them or exposing the hives to pesticides.

Happy bees in an environment filled with organic nectar options means a healthy colony and premium raw organic unfiltered honey filled with health benefits.

With thousands of honey brands on the market, finding healthy honey with powerful health benefits can be tough! Is it better to buy local honey or specialty honey, pure honey or raw honey, organic honey or all-natural honey? After diving into the topic, I think it’s best to prioritize raw unfiltered organic honey for hyper wellness, or if you’re looking for a general boost to your overall wellbeing.

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