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Like most folks, I’d never thought much about the electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from my cell phone, tablet, or laptop. At least not until I read a book, Radiation Nation, that put things into perspective for me… without the usual scare tactics and crazy talk.

For context, I’d heard plenty about EMF radiation and I have friends who were (and still are) absolutely paranoid about smart meters and 5G networks piping strong signals into our homes. But the conversations were always so dramatic and the tone so suggestive of some big conspiracy, that I found them difficult to take seriously. Plus, unlike chemicals in our environment, you can’t smell, touch or taste EMF, so it’s easier to dismiss.

But as it turns out, my friends (and yours) may not be so crazy after all.

To be fair, there still is considerable debate among doctors and scientists about whether – and by how much – our devices really do harm our bodies. But while the experts duke it out, there is a growing population of folks looking for ways to protect themselves against the possible effects of EMF. A company called DefenderShield was born from this desire.

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How DefenderShield came to be

Daniel DeBaun, the author of Radiation Nation and founder of DefenderShield, has decades of experience as an engineer with technology companies, such as AT&T and Bell Labs. His kids were home for the holidays one season and, as is the case for most of us today, they were constantly pounding away on their laptops. At one point, his wife yelled at them to get those things off their laps because she wanted grandkids one day!

While Dan long had his suspicions about the safety of cell phones and laptops, his work had always focused on the electronic interference among technologies, not their health effects. But his wife’s words struck a chord and before he knew it, he was researching and developing a shielding technology to protect his friends and family from EMF radiation.

Dan didn’t intend to start a full-fledged company, but demand for his technology grew faster than he could keep up and eventually his son, Ryan, even left his job in New York to help out. They’ve been growing and evolving their product line ever since.

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Does their EMF-blocking technology work?

In a word, yes. DefenderShield’s anti-radiation technology definitely works. There are three reasons I can say this with confidence.

1. FCC Lab Testing

DefenderShield’s EMF blocking technology is backed by independent FCC-certified laboratory testing. This is a big deal. I’ve seen several companies with really compelling claims about how their products block harmful EMF, but they don’t even mention independent testing. Meanwhile, DefenderShield goes so far as to post the test results on their website for everyone to see.

2. Testimonials

While some in the scientific community still doubt its harmful effects, studies are linking EMF exposure to everything from headaches and skin rashes to fertility issues and cancer. Obviously, no one can definitively say that DefenderShield’s technology is preventing anyone from getting some serious disease. However, I’ve seen several testimonials from folks who suffer from EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) that say their headaches, rashes, fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms have either been significantly reduced or eliminated entirely by using the DefenderShield technology.

3. Product Testing Videos

I’ve seen DefenderShield’s product testing videos and they’re pretty cool. You can see the meter’s output as they measure the EMF radiation coming from a laptop, phone, or tablet both before and after blocking it with their technology. (I’ve taken the liberty of jumping you directly to the 30-second mark for the below example.)

How their products block EMF

When Dan first started researching solutions for EMF protection, he found that existing products on the market only blocked one type of device radiation: either ELF or RF but not both. And they only blocked about 75 to 85% of those emissions.

To be truly protected, you need to block both ELF and RF and you have to block them to a much higher degree. Dan designed DefenderShield’s technology to block up to 99% of harmful EMF radiation across the full frequency spectrum, which includes both ELF and RF emissions.

He accomplished this using distinct layers of non-toxic, human safe materials, each with its own unique and targeted radiation-shielding characteristics. These layers are designed to work in unison to conduct, absorb, and dissipate all radiation emissions from 0 to 10 GHz.

This video explains their technology in a bit more detail:

Featured products

One thing I love about DefenderShield is that the design is really thoughtful. Their products aren’t just protective; they are also durable, attractive, vegan, and multifunctional. For example, their cell phone protector also stores your credit cards and their laptop protector is also a travel case.

Cell phone protector

We face the greatest potential health risks from our cell phone when we speak with it directly against our head and when we store it in our bra (against our breast) or pocket (near our reproductive organs). Keeping a protective guard between the cell phone and your body protects you from its emissions.

Use the protector…

  • When you talk: Answer your phone or dial out as you normally would, then flip the shielded front cover* closed. Lift the phone to your ear and speak. The microphone and speakers are unobstructed, so voice and sound quality aren’t affected.
  • To store your phone: Keep the shielded front cover* closed and facing your body to block emissions when you put your phone in your pocket or bag.
  • To use the touchscreen: Just flip the front cover* around to the back so that the part touching your body is shielded.

* Only the front side of DefenderShield’s phone cover uses blocking material, so that it doesn’t interfere with the wireless connection you need to speak with someone or use the touchscreen.

Laptop & tablet protection

Sometimes it’s just more comfortable to work, game, and watch videos with the laptop or tablet directly on our lap. To protect your skin and reproductive organs, place the EMF blocking material between the laptop and your body.


Instead of traditional wires for their earbuds, DefenderShield uses hollow air tubes that deliver crystal clear, high fidelity sound. And with no metal conductors, this advanced speaker technology is radiation-free.

Blue light glasses (day and night)

Blue light emissions from our television and mobile devices can cause headaches and fatigue, as well as interfere with our body’s natural sleep rhythm. DefenderShield’s glasses filter up to 99% of harmful blue light emissions as well as 100% of UV light.

Identity theft

Today’s passports, IDs, and credit cards contain chips that make us trackable and hackable. The ConcealShield protective pouch uses advanced military-grade EMF shielding technology to block all incoming and outgoing signals so any of your trackable items become completely invisible and undetectable to hackers.

EMF Protection (Pregnancy) Blanket

DefenderShield Pregnancy BlanketAnyone can use this blanket to shield their body from devices, but it’s an especially good idea for pregnant women to reduce the risks of wireless radiation for their unborn baby.

EMF Protection Pouch & Holster

When you’re not using your phone, you can safely store it against your body in a pouch or holster. Both can be clipped onto your belt, bag, or clothing. The holster is a little larger than the pouch for larger devices, while the pouch is small enough to fit in a pocket.

Learn more about practical things you can do to protect yourself from device radiation.


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