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Are you are an avid fashionista with a taste for upmarket labels, but a paycheck that doesn’t match your wishlist? Stop drooling on that boutique window and consider lux second-hand fashion!

And yes, by ‘lux’, I do mean luxury.

Consignment shops, vintage boutiques and innovative startups have made second-hand fashion completely en vogue. And what you may think of as bargain hunting is actually a trendy way to satisfy your designer needs.

Why You’ll Love It

It’s not bargain hunting – it’s treasure hunting and the benefits abound!

For starters, you’ll pay a fraction of the price to score that unexpected gem and no one will be the wiser. People buy stuff they never wear all the time, so you can often find clothing, shoes, and accessories with the tags still on. And since you’re extending the life of an existing item rather than buying “new” materials, you’re shopping eco-friendly without even trying.

Worried about the manufacturing chemicals found in new clothes? Not an issue with second-hand. Assuming the item has been washed a few times, any nasty chemicals that were used to manufacture them would have been washed off by the time you bought it. Plus, any fabric shrinkage would have already happened, so how it fits before you wash your “new to me” clothing, is how it will fit you after.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that consignment shops will often pre-inspect items before accepting them for sale, so you shouldn’t have to worry about missing buttons, broken zippers, small tears, and stains.

4 quick tips for buying second-hand

  1. The item might not look or fit the way you think and you may not be able to return it, so always try it on.
  2. It’s exciting to find a high-priced item by a top designer for 90% off. But if you don’t absolutely love it or it doesn’t really fit, then you’ll never wear it. Leave it on the rack.
  3. Consignment shops usually require clothing to be cleaned beforehand, but it’s a good idea to clean your purchases again to be sure.
  4. Do a one-for-one to keep your closet uncluttered. For every item you buy, donate or sell at least one item that you already own.

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