Author Sheryl Ryan

I am the founder and main contributor to Greenopedia. I'm also an organic vegetarian, natural product enthusiast, information junkie, and obsessive label-reader! I live in Ojai, CA and when I remember to step away from my laptop, you'll usually find me hiking, brunching, or yoga-ing... pretty much in that order.

Types of Vegetarians
Sage Advice For The New Vegetarian

There is only thing more irritating to a new vegetarian than getting harassed by your non-supportive meat-eater friends about why you should still eat meat. And that is, getting harassed…

Organic Carrots
Why Organic Food is More Expensive

It doesn’t really seem fair that we pay more for organic foods, wines, clothing and personal care products. But that’s the way the system works, right? Organic farmers pay high…

Extend battery life
How To Make Your Battery Charge Last Longer

Use these simple tips to extend the charge of both your single-use and rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries Did you know there are ? While the rechargeable versions are more expensive…

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